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Founded in 1976, Virginia Eye Institute is one of Virginia’s oldest, largest and best-known ophthalmology practices. We offer a unique comprehensive model of care with a diverse collection of ophthalmologists and subspecialists providing eye-care expertise under one roof.

VEI provides treatment for an entire range of ophthalmic needs, including cataract surgery, retinal disorders, glaucoma care, corneal disorders, pediatric eye care and adult strabismus, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery, LASIK and refractive surgery, neuro-ophthalmology, optometry, as well as optical shops for glasses or customized contact lenses. We participate with all major managed care plans.

VEI’s physicians are board certified and fellowship-trained by some of the world’s leading ophthalmology medical schools and sub-specialty society members. Inside of our optical shops, we staff board-certified opticians and contact lens fitters.

Our Mission

To enhance lives by delivering world-class, comprehensive eye care services.

To carry out this mission Virginia Eye Institute will strive to:

  • Ensure that Quality underpins every decision.
  • Deliver Excellence in Diagnosis and Treatment as evidenced by outcomes and overall patient experience.
  • Provide Convenient and Efficient Access to a comprehensive array of Ophthalmic services throughout the region via clinical sites and community outreach.
  • Continuously Evaluate Clinical and Technological Advancements.
  • Excel in specialized Ophthalmic Care supported by comprehensive Research and Education.

Artist of the Month

September Artist

Welcome to Scott Medina Photography.

I became interested in photography when my mother showed me a picture my father took of me when I was little.  The picture had in the background the New York twin towers still under construction and I was looking through our Brooklyn high rise apartment window at the traffic and happenings in the street.  The picture was black and white and I didn't know then why I liked the picture so much.  Now that I understand more about photographic composition, I realize that picture was an excellent picture due to its simplicity and composition.

Mrs. Lombardi was my photography class teacher in high school and she was not happy to hear that I did not intend to enroll in the second part of her photography class.  In the brief discussion she and I had, she convinced me to continue with the class in-spite of my inability to see the marketability of it all.  I never did ask Mrs. Lombardi why she was so interested in seeing me continue the class, but I was very glad I did and I like to think she saw in me something I would not see in myself for some time.

While living in New York I developed my photography part time while maintaining a full time work schedule.  Most if not all the extra money I had was put back into my photography in the form of photography books, equipment and other gear.  After a few years I accumulated a small collection of new and old photography books and I had enough equipment to fill a large basement.

Photography means a great deal to me.  It's a recreation, it's a hobby, it's a creative outlet.  It's a way to record, share and bring the things I see to others.

Virginia Eye Institute welcomes other local artists who wish to exhibit their work. Please contact Cheryl Lunger at lungerc@vaeye.com or 804-287-4253 for information.

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