Artist of the Month

June Artist of the Month

Rick Bragga Photography

Artist’s Statement

The world is a widely varying environment with spectacular geologic features and wildlife. Each location has a separate and unique atmosphere that changes depending on time, weather, season and photographer’s perspective.

To photographically capture a singular view or moment provides me with a variety of technical, mental and visual challenges. The end result of overcoming those challenges creates a permanent reminder of my experiences, which can then be re-lived by sharing them with others for their enjoyment.

Artist’s Background

Rick Bragga is a photographer who enjoys all types of photography, especially nature and travel. During his photographic “career” he has had front-page photographs and full-page photo features in local and regional newspapers. His other prior work has included portraits, weddings, aerial and legal photography. One of his photos was used by Mississippi College’s Music Department as the cover for its annual Christmas CD. His work was shown in 2003 and 2005 in the Mansion at Strathmore in Rockville, Maryland and in those years he also received “Honorable Mention” Awards in the Boy Scouts of America national photo contest. In 2005, 2006 and 2008 his work was displayed in the upper school exhibition area at the Steward School in Richmond. The Cox Cable interview program “Photographers in Northern Virginia” profiled Rick and his work for a thirty minute episode. In 2007, Rick spent five weeks photographing in the United Kingdom including three weeks on the photo staff of the Centennial World Boy Scout Jamboree. He was also selected as one of 400 artists for the 2017 Artfields, 12 state all-media art exhibition and as 1 of 100 objects chosen from across the country for the 2017 VMRC juried art exhibition.

The Center for Creative Arts, Richmond, Virginia featured 36 of Rick’s photos in 2017; 36 pieces in 2016; 21 photographs in 2014; 36 works in November, 2011; and 40 photos in February, 2010.

Contact Information

Rick Bragga

Mobile (804) 615-0470