Artist of the Month

Artist of the Month

Margie Welsted Rainey

 Margie was born in Norfolk, Virginia and the family moved to Richmond as her father’s position was changed to Richmond.  Margie went to schools in Norfolk and Richmond, Virginia and met her husband, Clarence H. Rainey.  They were married in 1962 and moved to Fredericksburg, Virginia where she worked at Mary Washington College (now University).  Clarence worked at Vepco and was then transferred to Petersburg, Virginia.

Margie worked at First & Merchants National Bank and then Clarence left Vepco and found a position at MCV in Richmond, Virginia.  Margie was then transferred by First & Merchants to Richmond, Virginia.  Margie retired from Nations Bank (Formerly First & Merchants and Sovran Bank, now Bank of America) at the age 59.

Margie has always had a desire to paint pictures, so she took private lessons from someone living close to her.    She continues to enjoy painting and also writes poetry and had a poem put to music called, “The Littlest Elf.”  It has been recorded on CD by Amy Ladd.

Margie continues to write poetry and every Christmas, family and friends receive a poem from her about Christmas.

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