Outreach Missions

At Virginia Eye Institute, we believe in sharing our knowledge, expertise and time with those who are in need in our community. Below, you’ll find some of the outreach programs we participate in.

Cataract mission 2015

The Cataract Mission program provides free cataract surgery for those Virginians who have cataracts but cannot afford the surgery. This program is for individuals who do not have insurance, Medicare, nor Medicaid and do not have the financial means to pay for cataract surgery out-of-pocket. The VEI Foundation has been in existence since 1993. To date, Virginia Eye Institute’s Cataract Mission program has donated over 763 eye exams and 221 surgeries in the program’s 19 year history. Patients also get Post-Op care at no charge and temporary lenses if needed. More than $5,000 worth of services is provided at no charge to each patient undergoing cataract surgery.

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