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At Virginia Eye Institute, we place our focus on service.

For your convenience and less of a wait time to visit our optical departments, please call (804) 287-4216.

We provide more than just the best eyewear at competitive prices, we also utilize the most advanced technologies and equipment available to treat our patients.

We offer a broad selection of quality brand name frames and unique styles. Eyewear, offering another alternative to bifocals and progressive lenses.

There is a wide array of lens types including activity-specific glasses (such as computer or sport), scratch-resistant, ultraviolet, non-glare, polarized, progressive lenses, even electronic lenses. Licensed opticians will work with you to ensure a proper fit and will assist you in selecting the best lens options for your lifestyle.

Stylish sunglasses are available in all of our optical shops. These include non-prescription, prescription, and polarized. Stylish optical wear accessories are also available.

COVID-19 Update:

Contact Lenses

Whether you are a first time contact lens patient or a patient with specialized needs, our staff will utilize the latest technology and lens materials to customize a fit for you. A contact lens prescription and an eyeglass prescription are not the same. Our contact lens fitter will use the numbers from your eyeglass prescription as one of the pieces of information to properly fit you for contacts. Because the contact lenses actually touch your eye, additional measurements and evaluations are required to ensure a precise and healthy fit.

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VEI - Alcon Precision Contacts Promo

Alcon Contact Lenses Promotion 2021

Virginia Eye Institute is excited to announce our newest promotion with Alcon Contacts! Today until June 30th, 2021, patients can receive $50 off of their purchase of an annual supply of PRECISION1® contact lenses or $75 off of their purchase of an annual supply of DAILIES TOTAL1® contact lenses.

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