Corneal Surgery for Disorders

Corneal TransplantMost often used to restore vision in patients with a damaged cornea, cornea transplants are performed more than any other transplant operation in the nation. As experts in advanced surgical methods, the microsurgeons at Virginia Eye Institute perform this outpatient procedure with tremendous precision and success.

Specializing in DSAEK

Virginia Eye Institute’s Donna D. Brown, M.D. is one the few physicians in Virginia performing an innovative new corneal transplantation technique. Though relatively new to the United States, Descemet’s stripping automated endothelial keratoplasty (DSAEK) has been practiced in Europe for a number of years. DSAEK is a surgical treatment for corneal disease used when the inner lining of the cornea is affected. Since DSAEK removes only the inner lining of the cornea and does not require corneal sutures, the procedure is safer, allows for faster healing, quicker vision recovery, and less chance of astigmatism.

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