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I want to take time to recognize the outstanding work of two individuals who literally changed my life. I am a disabled veteran who was referred by the VA to the Virginia Eye Institute to examine my right cornea which is scarred from a procedure twenty years ago. I’ll preface by saying I’ve seen more than a few ophthalmologists in the past twenty years, but Dr. Estopinal displayed his extraordinary professionalism, knowledge and skill when he was the first and only one to determine scarring was not the issue; rather that it was the misshaped cornea that was causing my substantial vision loss.

I was then referred to Ms. Anita Carpenter at your facility for further exam and hard contact fittings. She is a consummate professional and I was amazed at how quickly she understood my problem and formulated the correct solution to restore my vision. Anyone who has experienced a loss of eyesight to any degree knows the joy of being able to see more clearly. Using her exceptional skills, patience, and attention to detail, Ms. Anita gave me that joy.

These two professionals went far above and beyond my wildest expectations in the course of providing that service. Professional, knowledgeable, committed, and courteous are a few of their traits, but what makes them stand out is that they both treated me like family and that is what made the quality difference for me.

Ronald R. McMasters, CMSgt(R), USAF Letter of Appreciation from Patient

Dr. Carothers is wonderful! He works really well w/children. I brought my 5yr old daughter there for her eye exam & he did an excellent job w/her. My daughter is a bit of a “WILD CHILD” & can be quite a handful! She’s impatient, restless, hyperactive, aggressive & quite defiant! She sat there nice, quiet & polite throughout that whole LONG ordeal without any issues! That’s completely rare for her so he obviously knows what he’s doing, how to work with & deal with young children such as mine!! Thanks Doc!!

Misty Snow Google

The call center gave me a last minute appointment which I drove 30 minutes out of my way for. I arrived 5 minutes before the appointment time. They did not call me up to the front for registration until 25 minutes after my appointment time. Then by the time they finished the registration they said it was too late for my appointment and asked if I could reschedule. Unorganized and poor service.

Elizabeth Butterly Google

Waited weeks for an appointment, months for surgery only to get a call saying the doctor would rather go to a convention than do the surgery. Maybe they can squeeze me in in about three more weeks. You are just another number in a meat market at this place.

Anonymous Healthgrades

I recently saw Dr. Thrice for an issue with my eye. He was condensing in his explanations. The fact that he said he did not see any issues with my eye was not the problem; I was upset by the dismissive attitude. His ‘advice’ was to wear my contacts until the problem occurred again, then call him. I’ve never felt more dismissed and upset from a medical professional then I did here.

Mollie Schwam Google


Richard Wilson Healthgrades

Very informative. She was very kind and gave clear instructions for my course of treatment.

Annette Lester Healthgrades

Disrespectful and deceitful business practices- take your business elsewhere. The office refused to honor a current prescription and prevented me from ordering new contact lenses without scheduling an appointment and paying out of pocket expenses. The office then claimed that they never retained an electronic copy of the prescription and refused to return my phone calls.

James Webber Google

I saw Dr. Langelier about a lump that I’ve had on my eyelid for years. She evaluated it and surprisingly was able to remove it the same day. She is very friendly and knowledgeable.

Barbara D. Healthgrades

Dr. Langelier is the most dedicated and caring surgeon. I had a bad case of blocked tear ducts in both of my eyes and she didn’t quit in finding ways to get it fixed. I would highly recommend her to everyone.

Anonymous Healthgrades

Dr. Langelier was excellent. She evaluated my issue and was able to take care of it on the same day. I expected to set up a return visit but did not need it. I was thrilled. I wish I had not waited so long to schedule the visit.

Sandra Healthgrades

Very professional and caring. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

Anonymous Healthgrades

After having a very mild “stroke”, my left eye had limited left-to-right movement. Dr. Langelier saw me for a pre-surgery appointment to explain what the surgery was. She gave me a thorough exam, check my chart and told me I was healing up well and a surgery was not needed. She was right. I had functional vision in both eyes in another two weeks and absolutely no impairment in a month. Thanks to Dr. Langelier.

P. Barton Peters Healthgrades

Dr. Langelier is a very good doctor. She explained my procedure clearly as well as the recovery process. She is a caring professional who followed up with me on several occasions after surgery to make sure that I was not experiencing any abnormal side effects. I would highly recommend her as well as return to her for future procedures.

Beth Winn Healthgrades

Was very impressed with both Dr. Langelier and her staff in terms of compassion, professionalism and skill. Highly recommend them for eye surgery.

Tracey T. Healthgrades

Listened and was meticulous. Personable as well

Anonymous Healthgrades

Dr. Langelier tookn care of me. She called the night of the surgery to make sure I was okay. Dr. Langelier is one of the most caring doctor I have ever met.
I highly recommend her.

Dennis W. Davis Healthgrades

She did my surgery over a year ago and I am still very pleased with results. I have recommended her highly.

Anona Hogwood Healthgrades

My elderly mother had to have lower lid surgery. Mom has special needs associated with mobility and hearing. Dr. Langelier was very accommodating and my mother had confidence that she was getting skilled and compassionate care.

Anonymous Healthgrades

If I ever need any eye or facial type work done again, it will always be with Dr. Langelier. She explains the whole process, step by step, never having an issue with all my questions. She did excellent work on my upper eyelids.

Duwebb Healthgrades

Dr. Langelier did eye lid lift surgery for me. She is an excellent surgeon with a caring bedside manner. She explained everything so that I felt comfortable and confident in her ability. She did a wonderful job and I am very pleased with the results. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who needs this type of surgery.

Barbara Zoller Healthgrades

I would highly recommend Dr Langelier – she is compassionate, professional, and has a wonderful personality. She made me feel relaxed before and after my surgery.

Wanda Hartford Bridgeman Healthgrades

my only complaint on my visit was I was left in the exam room over an hour before seeing doctor. that to me is a large concern. might have been an unusual situation but still a concern for future.

Bennie Byrd Healthgrades

Very professional as well as friendly. Explained pro endures very carefully.

Nancy Sensabaugh Healthgrades

She’s amazing! I had eyelid surgery and it went perfectly. She’s a very good surgeon !

Andrea Healthgrades

Great care and superior results!

William Snidow Healthgrades

Dr Wu is a highly accompliced competent surgeon and has an excellent rapport with patients. He exudes warmth and is willing to go the extra mile to insure his patients procedures are done correctly. I have had two cataract surgeries performed by him and am highly pleased. As a health care professional myself I appreciate his skill and expertise and would without reservation refer anybody who needs eye surgery to him

Bruce S Evans Healthgrades

Dr. Wu is very professional, excellent knowledge and very pleased with the outcome of my recent cataract surgery. Dr. Wu explains things ” like a teacher ” so you as an individual can understand and how it applies to the individual. I have highly recommended Dr. Wu to others.

Anonymous Healthgrades

DO NOT GO! I had an appointment on the schedule for almost a month. They call me on the day of my appointment to tell me they needed to reschedule because my insurance website was down and they could not verify coverage. Funny!!! I called my insurance company they called Virginia Eye Institute to verify coverage. Come to find out Virginia Eye Institutes contract with my insurance company expired on June 30th. Why lie about it!!!! Also the customer service representative was extremely rude and hung up on me. Absolutely ridiculous!

Tamra Howard Google

Wow- what a wonderful experience. Besides being a very skilled surgeon, Dr. Langelier took the time to explain the procedure (eyelifts). I am very apprehensive about my eyes, but had complete confidence in Dr. Langelier, and the surgery went great! If you follow her instructions, there is nothing to worry about. This is the way medicine should be.

Anonymous Healthgrades

The only reason I gave them 1 star as it wouldn’t let me give them a big fat zero. I was told that I could get my eye exam for $99 dollars as I do not have vision insurance, then they called me back and said it was going to cost $150, which I agree to , because another doctor had told me I might be getting glaucoma. I kept the appointment and paid the $150 dollars when I was in the office that day. I found it strange that the ask for my medical card, as I had already told them I didn’t have vision insurance, but I gave it to them anyway. This week I received a bill for another $113.00 dollars, they had bill my medical insurance and got $170 dollars out of them, by telling them I had Some kind of hypertension in my eyes, when they had told me I didn’t have anything wrong with my eyes except for the beginning of a small cataract in my right eye. I call them and the person for very rude and kept wanting to argue with me that I owed them $113 dollars since the insurance didn’t pay the entire bill, I told her I had paid the the amount that I was told I would have to pay to be seen without insurance. She said I would have to pay it or they would put it in collections. This is the worst place I have ever had to deal with, they are a bunch of liars and cheaters, just stealing people money. I will never go there again, or tell anyone I know to go there.

joann elliott Google

I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Langelier both for reconstruction for a lower eyelid and for eyelid lifts. She is so calm and caring and very careful to be sure you understand what it going on. She also gives you total confidence that she is completely focused on you and your issue. She is a perfectionist which I certainly appreciate when it comes to your eyes. HIghly recommend.

Anonymous Healthgrades

Dr. Langelier is awesome. Her surgical skills are top notch. She is also a kind, compassionate physician who cares deeply for a successful outcome for her patients. I trusted her implicitly as she performed my delicate eyelid surgery. Following her directions for the do’s and don’ts of post-op care resulted in a most minimal amount of swelling and bruising. In fact, everything was pretty much healed in one weeks time and she lifted all restrictions. I strongly urge anyone who needs ophthalmologic treatments to seek out Dr. Langelier. I promise you, you won’t be disappointed.

Barbara Hughes Healthgrades

Dr. Wu is professional, kind, considerate and caring. His keen, sound, steady and confident cataract surgery skills are outstanding, God has given him a gift that has been so enriching to my life. I will highly recommend him to everyone.

Deborah Slade Healthgrades

Thank you for following up on us, I appreciate much.

Shaq Ali Google

Not really helpful, took my little boy for eye Exame, first got appointment after a while, secondly Dr was not really in professional mood to see my son carefully since that was his first exame and he was just starting kindergarten, we were out in few minutes with eye glasses prescription, since I was not comfortable with the way my son was checked, I wanted to have him checked somewhere else but had difficult to find a eye Docter for little kids, I tried to call back Virginia institute to bring my son back for recheck but as usual they don’t have direct number for the location but going through the call center and they transfer the call to them and there was not a live representative but the voicemail and left the detailed message with phone number in Virginia institute voicemail at the Ironbridge rd location but it’s been three weeks, no call back Recieved, would not recommend at all, unless they got professional Dr there.

Shaq Ali Google

Thank heavens for Dr. Langelier. I was very worried about eyelift surgery since I have dry eye issues as well as a disease of the lids called SLK. I should have had this done years ago but trusted no one until I was referred to her. My surgery was truly an excellent experience and the recovery is only a few days worth of inconvenience. Not only has my vision improved greatly but my eyes actually feel better. I have no issues currently with my dry eye due to the surgery or any effect so far on my SLK. She’s truly a doctor you can trust.

Anonymous Healthgrades

Not pleased with Dr Sherdil. Does not appear confident. Not sensitive to age issues. As far as the whole practice goes, all staff are friendly, the wait is minimal and the parking is adequate.

Van Zant Google

After reading other reviews I was very surprised at how friendly the entire staff was-from checkin, to technician assisting with glass selections. Very prompt service and attentive.

K F Google

If you don’t mind the fact that you missed your 9 o’clock appointment being yelled at you across the waiting room while all eyes start staring at you, then this is the place for you.
If you don’t mind the lady who helps with your glasses rolling her eyes and giving you unpleasurable facial expressions when interrupted to ask a question. This is the place for you.
If you don’t mind Ms. Patel (Eye Dr.) threatening to write a letter to DMV to tell them that you refuse to get glasses for driving when you were clearly there to get glasses for driving, then this is the place for you.
When I asked for the number of those in charge of this facility the staff began to hee and haw and stumble.
Finally they gave me a number and I made a call and receive a call back.
The very first thing that the lady who called me back from Va Eye Institue’s Corporate office said to me was “The staff said that you were being disruptive.” They gave no examples of what I did to be unruly.
I laughed and said “Ok. This conversation is probably pointless. Your staff said that I was disruptive and there’s no need for me to go any further with our talk.“
However unbeknownst to her Va Eye Institute staff, I recorded the entire interaction between me and Virginia Eye Institute staff.
After hearing this the lady from corporate apologized for me being treated and spoken to that way and said “I will get them straight because they didn’t tell me the whole story.”
Record your interactions with rude staff, because they will lie to cover for each other.
Recording will only make the company better.

Bobby Anthony Google

If you don’t mind the fact that you missed your 9 o’clock appointment being yelled at you across the waiting room while all eyes start staring at you, then this is the place for you.
If you don’t mind the lady who helps you with your glasses rolling her eyes and giving you unpleasurable facial expressions when interrupted to ask a question. This is the place for you.
If you don’t mind Ms. Patel threatening to write a letter to DMV to tell them that you refuse to get glasses for driving when you were clearly there to get glasses for driving, then this is the place for you.
When I asked for the number of those in charge of this facility the staff began to hee and haw and stumble.
Finally they gave me a number and I made a call and receive a call back.
The very first thing that the lady who called me back from Va Eye Institue’s Corporate office said to me was “The staff said that you were being disruptive.” They gave no examples of what I did to be unruly.
I laughed and said “Ok. This conversation is probably pointless. Your staff said that I was disruptive and there’s probably no need for me to go any further with our talk.“
However unbeknownst to her Va Eye Institute staff, I recorded the entire interaction between me and Virginia Eye Institute staff.
After hearing this the lady from corporate apologized for me being treated and spoken to that way and said “I will get them straight because they didn’t tell me the whole story”
Record your interactions with rude staff, because they will lie to cover for each other.
Recording will only make the company better.

Bobby Anthony Google

Great with children they treated my son excellent care

Zenobe Crute Google

I have never gotten out of there in less than two + hours. They seem to have only one doctor, and he is on roller skates. I don’t know why I even bother to make an appointment! I’m just another customer…

Robert F Google

This place couldn’t care less about their patients. I have brought my 88 year old father-in-law here several times and they NEVER see you at your appointment time. We have always made appointments for 8:00, 8:10 or 8:20, so that we are one of their first patients and he never gets called back until we have been here at least one hour. Then they give him eye drops and have him wait for another hour. If we are lucky we get out after 2 1/2 hours, and that is on a good day.

Richard Hanson Google

Wonderful, caring doctor.

Anonymous Healthgrades

Am I the only one who dreads coming to this location because of the staff .. just plain cold
I rather go to the short pump location buts a drive for me so this is one closest to me. I think I’ll just start making the drive to avoid the staff here.

N.J Flo Google

Dr. Bearden did expert work for me. His attention to detail, which is what my nurse friends pointed out, showed in my result. I can barely see the incisions from my lid lift. I did have to wait for 20 minutes at my first visit, but I see now it was worth it. I’m having him do my botox now too. Beth and Lauren and everyone are so sweet and helpful and make the office easy to deal with. Thank you!

Wendy F Google

I had cataract surgery recently by Dr. Wu. He was very professional and dealt with some problems I had with excellent knowledge and outcome. I highly recommend Dr. Wu.

Anonymous Healthgrades

He was a great Dr. who helped me through the procedures during Cataracts. I would recommend him highly.

Feel great after Surgery. Healthgrades

After going back and forth to an ophthalmologist at their Reynolds location, I was finally sent here. Dr. Langelier was great. Based upon my file and what she saw, she was able to tell me immediately what needed to be done. Her bedside manner is great. She explained everything to me prior to her examining me. She drew photos showing me exactly where my issue was occurring. I was pleased with her services and highly recommend her. I just wish they had told me to come here three visits ago.

Tara Hawks Google

I had a lovely experience with Dr. Bearden and his office. My only complaint was that they were hard to find! I really appreciate how open and educational my first visit was and not being pushed towards surgery. The juvaderm and botox worked great. I got my bags and dark circles fixed later though and love it. I couldn’t recommend him more!

Jane W Google

Very busy place, reminds me of a beehive! Dr. Knape is wonderful!

Margaux Beach Facebook

Without a doubt the rudest and most difficult people with whom I have ever dealt- I tried making an appointment and the woman was so confrontational I decided she was having a bad day and got off the phone.
Called the next day – different woman- but equally as condescending. Clearly they are scripted to give would be patients the third degree
Called their office manager the next float to politely inform her of the problem they have (my parents and disaster of friends of several of the docs). Manager said she was sorry and would get back to me – nothing
Simply horrible. Needless to say I am not using their doctors or services.

Mary Garner Devoe Facebook

They used to care about their patients. Ever since Dr. Kish left my new eye doctor doesn’t care. My appointment was rushed and I received unnecessary dilation and contact lens fitting (but was charged for it). Then when I went to order my contacts my prescription was not verified for days, delaying the process. Now my current lenses will expire (a month+ of wear when my lenses are only supposed to be worn 2 weeks) before my new shipment of lenses arrive. I called to ask for a trial pair since the delay is on them. Nope, not allowed but I can purchase 2 whole boxes for $100 while I wait for my other ($300+) shipment to come in…

Casey Kasko Facebook

The staff is very professional and friendly. The wait time is short whenever I have an appointment. I feel confident they are taking good care of my eyes. I’ve had excellent results.

Sherry Sellers Sorrell Facebook

this place is terrible.. for employees and patients! go elsewhere..somewhere like commonwealth eye care associates

Kourtney Shelton Facebook


Anne Scarborough Healthgrades

Exceptional care, knowledge and kindness from everyone on Dr Langelier’s staff as well as from her! My eyelids needed to be lifted and no one could have done a more perfect job. I incurred little to no bruising and no discomfort. In fact after having the procedure done on both of my eyes, I was out to lunch with a group of friends only 6 days later and no one noticed any bruising or scaring. Dr Langelier is a true miracle worker!!!

Frances Bennett Healthgrades

My son and I went for our annual eye exams yesterday. Everyone we spoke with was professional and positive. Enjoyed our experience and have already scheduled my next exam with them for next year.

K.C. Lyne Google

Dr. Donna Brown is an awesome doctor she has been with us at my sons age of 13 till now 25. Hope to have her a whole lot longer. It’s great to see her smiling staff every year Rachel and Maggie are the best. Can’t say enough good about this office. Professional service and knowledge. You are definitely in the right hands. When you need eye care. ❤️??

Brenda Lewis Davenport Facebook

Dr. Langelier is awesome. My dermatologist performed Mohs surgery on me on 11/14/18, but she didn’t feel comfortable doing the reconstructive surgery because of how close it was to my eye, so she recommended Dr. Langelier. Thank God she did. Dr. Langelier did the reconstructive surgery the following morning and did a fantastic job . I had all my doctor friends look at her work and they were unbelievably complimentary. On top of her surgical skills, Dr. Langelier is incredibly nice and engaging.

Doug Mallory Healthgrades

I saw Dr. Langelier for an eyelid lift on one eye. The other had been lifted several years ago in an unrelated procedure. She listened to the background on my other eye and came up with the alternatives for the current procedure which we discussed at length. Her technical skills matched with her eye for aesthetics resulted in an excellent outcome. I would return to Dr. Langelier in the future.

Charles Bridges Healthgrades

I recently had cataract surgery with Dr.Jones. I am pleased with the results. The staff and dr.’s are very professional in your care. I would highly recommend V.E.I.

Shane Belcher Facebook

Dr Wu is courteous, knowledgeable and professional. His surgery to remove cataracts in both eyes was flawless I recommend him in the most positive terms, without hesitation.

Jack Healthgrades

Wow! Being a doctor in the area I could not understand why they would not make an appointment for me and my mother because I did not have my insurance card available ? The manager said that it was necessary for my convenience, yea right! Going to another doctor who seems to care more about me than an insurance card.

David deBarros Google

Checked in today at 3:15 for a 3:30 appointment and was never seen. Finally went to the front desk at 5 as lights were being shut down and place cleared out. Seems they forgot to notify the doctor. Super frustrating as I had cleared an afternoon of work. Oh, and did not get my $20 co-pay back. Sigh

Kristen Fournier Facebook

Simply put, if you value your eye health and need professional care…the place to go is The Virginia Eye Institute!

Henry Young Facebook

Hubby had cataract surgery and we are very pleased with the treatment received. Staff very friendly and nice. Restrooms clean. Parking close to building. Nurses were awesome and informative. Will never go anywhere else!

Wendy Bebber Turpin Facebook

Staff is so nice and pleasant,my appointment done very pleasant and nicely.
specially Cathy ,she is very nice person.she took care about my vision very nicely and perfect.
as well as dr. Hatcher also took care about my vision nicely
But Cathy is my favorite !!!!!

Neerja N. Google

Worked me in same day; everyone was professional and kind. Dr. McGehee and his staff are the best.

Cathy Leonard Facebook

Employees are so good and thoughtful. The waiting area is large , comfortable and enables privacy when wanted. Then – what they do here is so extraordinary – giving people better eyesight to see everything and everyone they love. ????????

Anne Spangler Facebook

very professional and knowledgeable . Love Dr McGehee!

Donna Grove Facebook

I am so happy that I found Dr. Langelier! She is thorough, up to date and meticulous in her approach to finding solutions for her patients. I had a chronic eye tearing issue for over 25 years and she quickly identified the problem and suggested the solution which has been a long term remedy to the situation. I am very grateful! Her aesthetic approach is the key to the overall differentiation with other providers.

Heather Valentine Healthgrades

Dr. Langelier is skilled and well respected for good reason. Her manner is friendly and empathetic. She solved my eye issues, and made it as painless as possible. I would recommend her highly.

Virginia Healthgrades

Just got a new pair of glasses and was having trouble seeing out of one of my lenses doctor rechecked my prescription and it was fine. I was put with Katie to help figure out what was wrong she went above and beyond to figure out what was going on and she got it straight for me just want to say Thanks

James Strickland Google

I saw Dr. Wu for cataracts this year and he was amazing. Very patient, kind and knowledgable. His surgery was top notch and can now see 100%! Thank you Dr. Wu

Brian Healthgrades

These young ladies and I mean ladies because they are the BEST. They are polite and know any question you can ask them. I was having a problem and the lady that took care of me handled it very well. Need glasses this is the place to go!!!!!!

James Lane Google

Dr. Wu is kind, friendly and explains the procedures in easy to understand terms. I had cataract surgery on both eyes and have been delighted with the results. I highly recommend Dr. Wu.

Anonymous Healthgrades

I waited 3 months to get my son to his eye appointment…was late by 15 minuets because of an accident, was forced to reschedule out another 3 months. Just going elsewhere.

CW Barr Google

Dr. Gargee Patel is awesome! She is very professional, friendly, and informative! I really enjoyed my visit and front desk lady is very friendly. They do not try to upsell you on anything and are very patient with making sure you are happy and what is right for you. I will definitely drive 20 miles to see her again. Great Customer experience!

Dipen Patel Google

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve called and waited for the call to be answered sitting on hold for several minutes to only be hung up on once the call is going through. I’m not sure if there is a problem with the phone system but it’s really frustrating.

Julie Katepalli Google

Great experience. Very helpful and friendly staff.

Bethany Sims Google

I first saw Dr. Wu 9 years ago when I was having a vision issue in my eye. It turned out to be a cataract and Dr. Wu did a great job with the surgery. No problems to this day. My other eye started to get fuzzy about two years ago. I scheduled surgery but had to delay for family reasons. When I finally got it done recently my cataract was very thick. Dr. Wu again did an excellent job and even called me himself the same evening to see how I was doing. He is a great doctor who actually cares.

Ron Healthgrades

Dr. Wu operated to remove cataracts and performed the newest laser treatment. I now have one eye
that focuses on near and the the other on far. I do not need glasses to read newspaper or books on my Kindle. Procedure went well for a 76 yrs old female. I still work, very part time, and night driving is not an issue. Although, the operation was pricey it was well worth it. Dr. Wu can tailor the procedure vs cost with you prior to operation. Staff was most helpful. I would highly recommend Dr. Wu

Dorothea T. Hamilton Healthgrades

Dr. Wu performed my cataract surgery and I highly recommend him. During my search for a surgeon, I spoke with many people who told me their surgeon was excellent but didn’t communicate well with them, e.g. telling them what they might expect or addressing their post-operative questions and concerns. Dr. Wu was kind and courteous and demonstrated his interest in your comfort and well-being, before and after the surgery.

Anonymous Healthgrades

I had laser surgery to remove scar tissue. Dr. Wu explained the procedure and was very reassuring. Everything went well; there was no pain!

Carolyn S. Healthgrades

Dr. Wu has been my eye care physician for the past several years. Most recently, he removed cataracts and implanted lenses in both eyes. Dr. Wu is an excellent physician: he has a very careing and professional manner, he carefully listens to and thoroughly addresses any questions or concerns of the patient. I highly recommend Dr. Wu.

Anonymous Healthgrades

Always polite and courteous consults. Friendly not pushy!

Shirley Southern Google

Great people. Nice, and polite. They really know what they are doing.

Daniel R Google

Dr. Wu is an outstanding eye surgeon who treated me for cataracts and lens implants. The surgeries on both of my eyes turned out perfectly. His follow up after the surgery was outstanding. Dr. Wu has a calm and caring demeanor and demonstrates great care for his patients. I highly recommend Dr. Wu to anyone who needs eye surgery. In addition to Dr. Wu’s excellent qualities, his nurses and staff at Virginia Eye Institute are very professional and caring. Having eye surgery with Dr. Wu has been on

Diane Healthgrades

After waiting 2 months for an appointment for a rapidly growing cataract that developed after 3 retinal surgeries, I went through all the eye testing etc. only to be told by the doctor that he could not perform the procedure because he was having back surgery. I was told another doctor would have to see me and was given another appointment with another 2 month wait, to have all tests again etc. I was not informed BEFORE the appointment of this so I could make other arrangements. . Cancelled and will not be using them again.
Very poor business practice. But a great way to make more money!

Isobel Thomas Facebook

After waiting several months to see my doctor, the girl at the front desk tells me that because my plan has a deductible, I have to pay $150 (since I had not met my deductible). I was there for a Routine eye exam. Not only did NO ONE tell me that I would have to pay that much, but my copay for the visit according to my insurance company for a routine eye exam is $20. I will be finding another doctor

Vicki Schutz Facebook

Having seen Dr. Langelier on 3 different occasions at this point, I can only rave about the whole experience. She immediately put me at ease and discussed everything that would be happening in language that was so easy to comprehend. My experiences with her included botox and filler injections,laser treatment to help improve the redness on my cheeks, as well as an Infini treatment to help tighten my skin. I have been ecstatic about the visible improvement in all areas, especially my eyes!

Kathleen L Healthgrades

Dr. Wu is an excellent communicator and seems to genuinely care about my eyesight and overall health. He is personable and positive, fully informing me of the status of my vision issues and treatments. I highly recommend Dr. Wu as a physician and eyesight specialist.

Dorsey Howard Healthgrades

I had Lasik surgery in 2015. I am extremely phobic about eyes, even during eye exams, so I did not think I would ever choose to get the surgery done. But I had complete confidence in Dr. Wu, and he was a calming influence both before and during the procedure. I am so glad I had the surgery; I’ve had no issues, no discomfort, and my vision is 20/20.

sandra oneal Healthgrades

Dr Langelier did an excellent job repairing my eyelid. She did the procedure with Dr Julie Woodward supervising, I am well pleased with the results and everybody there at Duke took good care of me and all were very thoughtful and courteous. I would highly recommend this team to any family member or friend.

Buck Healthgrades

Cataract surgery in both eyes. Surgery went well and I have had very good results. Dr Wu and staff were very good about explaining procedures and answering questions. Overall, a good healthcare experience.

Mary Ann Stroman Healthgrades

The doctor is really the best ! Love Dr McGehee! But this location is not marked well, so we didn’t know which door ( there were three ) , to enter . Outside the building , I called the phone number given on my phone’s GPS , but the person who answered was clearly not familiar with the location, and only knew the suite number , which I already had. It was important to me, because I was dropping my in their eighties parents at the door, and parking after .

Marcia Gillison Google

I took my son to have his color blindness confirmed. I explained to the staff that I only wanted that testing so I would have something to give to his school. He has routine vision testing at the pediatrician and his vision is great. The doctor insisted on doing a full exam (whice was perfectly normal other than colo4 blindness). The testing they did for that was simply a flip book, with no specifics. The doctor was rude and the appointment took 2 hours. The doctor came in a few min uses after my son had fallen asleep and told him he knew how he was supposed to behave and then threatened to leave and see other patients. I can not believe she actually works with kids. Other vei locations are great, but this one was horrible! Oh by the way I received a $340.00 bill for the testing I specifically asked not to get!

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My wife and I had our eyes checked Nov 4, 2014 and just recently received our new prescription glasses purchased through Costco. We are satisfied with Dr Rosenberger’s services, BUT, VERY DISAPPOINTED WITH THE OPTOMETRIST WHO PERFORMED THE EYE EXAM. Very little explanation what was going to happen or how the exam was to take place. It was like being pushed through quickly so the next patient could be checked. The person performing the eye test exam was not very patient friendly. The eye test, worst I have ever had, WAS incomplete, as now after I have received my new glasses I find it really was not good. I spent $239 x 2 (me and my wife) for glasses and mine are not a good fit for reading. My old glasses are perfect for both distance and reading. the new glasses with your prescription the reading is not clear, I believe they are stronger than the old glasses rx. After the exam I questioned that I did not remember being tested for reading strength and the answer I received was reading strength would be based on the distance strength determined and it was also based on age,,,,,,, well,,,,that does not agree with me! I now have glasses that the reading portion is not clear, I believe stronger strength over my old ones was applied. Also, when I did the exam, RX and Medical, was told my previous records were not available so personnel could see what my condition was before and so it could be compared to latest review done on Nov 4, 2014. That is not right, how can you do a good check if you don’t have previous to compare with. I AM VERY DISAPPOINTED WITH THIS SERVICE AND WILL NO LONGER USE THIS VIRGINIA EYE INSTITUTE!!!!!! David Bradford (804)898-2473 DO TRUST YOUR GLASSES RX ON THESE PEOPLE. HAD TO SELECT AT LEAST ONE STAR BECAUSE OF THE PROGRAM, SO, DON’T BELIEVE THEY DESERVE A 1 STAR RATING

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