Optometry & Routine Eye Exams

Optometry & Eye Care in Virginia

It is important to have routine eye exams to screen for potential eye disorders, even if you believe you can see well. Many eye diseases start without a noticeable change in vision and are detected at a routine eye exam. After conducting a thorough ocular health assessment, your optometrist will recommend any necessary treatment or management, along with how frequently you should have your eyes rechecked. This routine eye examination can be compared to the routine physical you have done with your PCP.

Certified by the National Board of Examiners in Optometry, the Virginia Eye Institute optometrists specialize in the proper diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of eye disorders.

Our optometrists are licensed to prescribe medications and offer medical treatment for common eye problems and certain chronic eye diseases. Certain eye diseases will require treatment and/or management by an ophthalmologist, in which case your optometrist will refer you to a colleague who specializes in treating or managing your condition. Your optometrist may participate in your pre- and post-operative care if you have eye surgery performed by an ophthalmologist. In many cases, your optometrist and ophthalmologist will work as a team to provide you with the best possible care.

Optometrists also routinely prescribe glasses and contact lenses to help correct your refractive error and help you see your best.