VEI offers patients a range of methods to pay for medical services as well as options to finance larger balances. Click here to view our financing options.

Effective 06/01/2023: Our SELF-PAY RATE for Routine vision has increased from $99.00 to $149.00. Please review the below information to familiarize yourself with the potential appointment types to identify self-pay patients. As a note all routine vision self-pay exams are changing to $149.00 all medical self-pay exams will remain the same at $150.00 at check in and the remainder collected for any additional tests performed after exam.

How to Make an Online Payment

If you have a Healow Patient Portal account,
please pay through the portal link below or the Healow App:

Healow Payments:

The Healow Patient Portal is a secure, convenient, and easy way to access your health information, pay your bills, manage your appointments, and more. Discover the smarter way to pay online through our Virginia Eye Institute patient portal.

Make A Payment through Healow Patient Portal

Credit Cards

Financial Options

Today, both patients and healthcare providers are challenged by the increasing financial burdens placed on patients. Our goal is to help patients obtain the medical care they need without having out of pocket expenses being an issue. Because each patient’s needs are unique, VEI has made arrangements with several financial services companies that offer no-interest programs to help patients pay for non-covered expenses.

CareCredit Logo


With CareCredit you can get the health and wellness treatments you need today, for you, your family and your pets, subject to approval. Whether you use your card to pay for deductibles, or for treatments and procedures not covered by insurance, CareCredit helps make the health, wellness and beauty treatments and procedures you want possible today. To prequalify without impact to your credit score, click the button below:

Apply for CareCredit Financing

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Health Advantage:

A Healthcare Line of Credit offered by Wells Fargo. Receive treatment today, finance it with no interest for up to 18 months. Apply in minutes and, in most cases, get a decision right away by clicking the button below:

Apply for HealthAdvantage Financing

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A patient-friendly financing company that aims to help make healthcare more affordable. Wallet-friendly monthly payment plans help patients get the healthcare they need. Patients are seen as people, not credit scores; they look at the whole picture to approve more patients for financing—and for higher amounts. There’s no impact to your credit score to apply. To get an immediate decision, click the button below:

Apply for PatientFi Financing


Copayments are due at time of visit. If you are uncertain as to what your copayment may be, please call (804) 287-4920. We accept personal checks, cash, and most major credit cards along with Apple Pay and Google Pay.


Depending on your health insurance plan, you may be responsible for the cost of services either partially or fully not covered. Pursuant to the new Federal No Surprises Act, you will receive a “good faith estimate” of such costs prior to the date of your surgery. One of our Patient Financial Advocates will contact you to review the estimate and payment options.

Should you have any questions or require more information about the No Surprises Act, visit or call the No Surprises Helpdesk at 1-800-985-3059.

Outstanding Balances

You may have received a statement of balances due following the adjudication of claims submitted to your insurance company. Please be aware that VEI has engaged a company called Care Cap Plus to assist us in communicating with patients with such balances.


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