Emma Lou Martin – Artist

GLEANING FOR COLLAGE FROM THE GUTTER TO THE GARDEN is a freeing creative experience for an artist, as anything goes! The artist is not restrained by the limits of any one media or the rules that might be imposed by formal standards. In the process of creating, one’s imagination can run in many directions resulting in surprising results. Found objects become things of beauty with great potential, junk becomes a treasure, and unlikely combinations take on new meaning. The artist develops a keen eye for the ordinary and begins to see things in a new light with endless creative possibilities.

I have been creating collages for over twenty years along with watercolor, oils, and pastels. The medium has become a favorite as I have found it has added a new dimension, given me a new vision, and a greater awareness of the parts of art when I begin a new piece. Composition and texture have become very important as has the development of themes and ideas. It is a medium that lends itself beautifully creating an original interpretation of my interests in science to history, to the arts and current events. Recycling found objects into collage reflect my love the natural world and wanting to improve our planet for generations to come. I have found collage is also a wonderful way to recycle my own art! Enjoy the show!

A word of caution for artists inspired to try this media. Be forewarned of the one danger of becoming a creator of collages. You will enjoy gleaning so much that your collections for collages will overwhelm your studio space!


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