February Artist of the Month: Sam Mathias & Faith Rowland

VEI is proud to display two artists for the month of February: Sam Mathias & Faith Rowland.

I’m Sam, I’m a family and elopement photographer here in Mechanicsville, Virginia. And I love it here! Behind the camera besides being a huge fan of jokes and puns, I’m a cat mom of 4. I’m always down for tacos and spaghetti. I’m slightly obsessed with the national parks and my goal is to visit as many as possible. I absolutely jump at any chance to travel, so that’s when I dive in with my landscape pictures! Besides loving the blue skies with ocean views, or mountains rolling in the distance, I’ll always enjoy being super goofy, while, capturing the genuine smiles from kids and loving partners!


Richmond based artist, Faith Rowland, specializes in abstract oil painting displaying a strong understanding of color.

Her love of animals and nature inspires much of her bold paintings. With a background in dance, special effects makeup, woodworking and fine arts, Faith believes art can happily bring people together. Much of her creativity is brightly captured on canvas, however, those four stretcher bars are never the limit.

“It is when I am creating with my hands, that my soul is truly at peace.” – Faith Rowland

For more on Faith and her work, check out her Instagram @loveferart

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