Focus Group Camera Club (FGCC)

Focus Group Camera Club Photo
Focus Group Camera Club Photo
Focus Group Camera Club Photo

These nine friends are all passionate about fine art photography and taking their photography and printing skills to a higher level. To that end, they have become active in a group of like-minded area photographers who meet monthly as the Focus Group Camera Club. Founded in 1989 by Bob Coles and two other Richmonders, FGCC continues its objectives of developing members’ photographic abilities and sharing their creativity with the public. We hope you enjoy this small sample of our work. Please contact the individual artists if you are interested in purchasing any of their framed or canvas prints.

R. E. (Bob) Cole

Award-winning photographer Bob Coles has been interested in photography since the 1950’s, with many of his works appearing in newspapers, brochures, and private and corporate collections. He co-founded a very active area camera club and formerly served on the board of The International Leica Society.

Martin Evans

Martin Evans is a retired surgeon who has taken his passion for detail and applied it to photography. His works include abstracts, landscape and travel photography.

David Everette

David Everette has experience in the custom lab business as an owner and manager, and over 30 years of shooting commercian and personal images. Specializing in scenes from Virginia and cityscapes of Richmond, he has focused often on the James River and the found art and beauty of his surroundings.

Durwood and Lynn Felton

Lifelong residents of the Richmond area, Durwood and Lynn Felton enjoy capturing landscapes and wildlife in their photographic explorations from Maine to South Florida. Durwood focuses on natural subjects like mountains, rivers, and seacoasts, while Lynn likes abstracts, large birds, and people as her subjects.

Gene Harris

Gene Harris is a retired video producer and avid photographer who lives in Chesterfield County.

Charles and Cynthia Krumbein

Charles and Cindy Krumbein have spent more than 50 years traveling and photographing. Originally on film and now with digital capture, they have enjoyed documenting people and places. U.S. National Parks have always been a delight to them, as have urban life and nature.

Stephen Retherford

Stephen Retherford has had a camera at his side since he was the official photographer for his high school yearbook in the late 1960’s. He likes to experiment with different styles of the art. People and nature are his favorite subjects.

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