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Pediatric Ophthalmology Mission Trip to Guatemala

World Pediatric Project volunteers led their 10th annual pediatric ophthalmology mission to the Hospital Nacional de Salamá in Guatemala. The medical team consisted of Dr. Thomas Carothers, a pediatric ophthalmologist, Dr. Seamas Dore, a pediatric anesthesiologist, Robbi Hazlewood, recovery room nurse, and Sharon Hart, operating room nurse. Josephine Lush accompanied the team as the WPP staff representative. This mission is made possible through the leadership and support of the Lions’ Club of Salamá. The team treated conditions such as strabismus (characterized by ‘crossed-eyes’), chalazia (growths on the eyelids), and blocked tear ducts.

Meet the Team:
Dr. Thomas Carothers, Pediatric Ophthalmologist
Dr. Seamas Dore, Pediatric Anesthesiologist
Robbi Hazlewood, Recovery Room Nurse
Sharon Hart, Operating Room Nurse
Josephine Lush, WPP Staff Representative

The Week in Numbers

72 Evaluations
18 Surgical Procedures

Meet Neythan

Neythan, age 15, comes from a small Guatemalan parish about 30 minutes away from Salamá. He has always struggled with his eyesight and has always been wheelchair-bound, due to cerebral palsy. The social stigma of having strabismus, or crossed eyes, together with his other condition, had long caused him to be teased by other children in his neighborhood. Neythan underwent surgery with Dr. Thomas Carothers and his team to correct his strabismus. His mom is hopeful that, with this surgery, this one burden of Neythan’s life will be alleviated and he will be able to progress easier into adulthood.

The week in photos…

(Top, center) Patients and families share a moment during the clinic. (Bottom, left) Manuel, Zabdiel, and Dania having some fun. (Bottom, right) Patient Melany being silly. (Bottom, center) “My life, my vision” drawn by patient Krisly.

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