Pediatric Ophthalmology Mission Trip to St. Vincent

Dr. Brown

Dr. Donna Brown of Virginia Eye Institute and her team returned to St. Vincent for the 17th annual pediatric ophthalmology mission to its partner hospital, Milton Cato Memorial Hospital. Dr. Brown has been providing ophthalmological services, including treatment for common conditions such as congenital cataracts and strabismus, to children in the region for over 20 years. Dr. Brown works closely with local ophthalmologists Dr. Grant-Ledger and Dr. Adams, who triage and present appropriate cases for the mission week and with whom she works to provide follow up care the remainder of the year.


Meet the Team:

Dr. Donna Brown, Pediatric Ophthalmologist
Dr. Jay Stone, Anesthesiologist
Dr. Karen Brown, Ophthalmology Resident
Mary O’Hanley, CRNA
Lisa Sizemore, OR Nurse

The Week in Numbers

48 Evaluations
22 Surgical Procedures

Meet Isis

IsisAn entire family of children, 4-year-old Future, 3-year-old Isis (pictured here), and 1-year-old Micah have received services through Dr. Brown’s annual eye team. All three children were born with congenital cataracts, which can run in families. Both Isis and Future had to travel to Richmond, VA to receive cataract surgery with Dr. Donna Brown at Virginia Eye Institute. This year, thanks to the addition of a specialized microscope, brother and sister plus the new addition to the family stayed in the comfort of their home-island for further follow-up treatment. Micah, the youngest sibling, received cataract surgery during the week without the time and expense of traveling to the US for treatment.
The week in photos…

(Top, center) The team listens in as Dr. Brown discusses treatment with a family. (Bottom, left) Patient Kamal in mom’s arms during the clinic. (Bottom, right) Patient Future shows off a new-found toy.

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