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Steward School Intern at VEI

VEI recently worked with the Steward School to host an intern for a week-long, hands-on experience. Each spring, Steward Upper School students go beyond the classroom to engage in experiential learning in the Richmond community. During Minimester week, sophomores and juniors complete a week-long internship at a local organization, learning new skills through hands-on experience. VEI had the opportunity to host Katherine Romero during this partnership. This is what Katherine said of her experience working with VEI:

“I think everything that I learned was the most important because I was having an up close experience of what it is like being a doctor. I learned about types of surgeries and their processes. For example, a lid lift, eyebrow lift, fat transfers, and a DCR. I learned that Botox is not only used for cosmetic preferences but also for actual medical reasons. I learned about eye anatomy like the muscles and nerves around it. And I learned about problems I didn’t even know existed like clogged tear ducts, inward growing eyelashes, and eye pimples. I learned all of this and more and I think that is the most important thing that I have learned throughout the week.”

VEI thoroughly enjoyed this experience with Katherine and hopes to host more interns in the future.

intern at VEI

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