VEI Celebrates Customer Service Week

This week we celebrate our dedicated teams of customer service professionals who service and support our doctors and their patients through Customer Excellence! Read more about their experiences here at VEI.

“Hello…..I just wanted you let you both know about the amazing job the front desk staff at Huguenot did today while we were without computers.  Everyone immediately shifted gear and got patients back to our pod for their appointments.  One patient commented on their teamwork and organization.  Their work and positive attitudes today were greatly appreciated.  They made a challenging situation better.  Thank you.”Rachel Harte

What is the craziest, fun, and positive patient / customer encounters they’ve had while at VEI?

A few years ago a couple came in, both complaining of a sudden onset of blurry vision. Amy Tooley and I took each patient back at the same time. After checking my patient’s vision I noticed the glasses I checked where not at all what was recorded in the last history. Apparently Amy’s patient had the same situation and we walked out to tell each other at the same time. Long story short, we switched the glasses and low and behold… problem solved! (we still laugh about this)Ken

I had the pleasure of helping a patient and she showed up to one of the locations looking for me to give me something. That really touched me cause she didn’t have to do thatTemisha

What’s your favorite thing about working in your role at VEI?

Honestly my favorite thing about my role is the constant challenge. Always trying to think ahead to help my dr and clinic flow as well as making sure patients feel like they are not just a number and have a full complete experience. Not to mention I love the Dr. I work for. Him like many doctors here are really passionate about the patient care.Lacie

My favorite thing about working in my role is being the first point of contact for patients when they are in need.Arshae

Being able to make relevant the skills I’ve acquired over the years. At the end of the day, there is no better feeling than to know that you were able to help someone else. It doesn’t matter how small the effort was.Sherry

What tips do they have for fellow coworkers in your company?

My main tip for me is research the information. Its available to you, some situations or every situation may differ but if you research its the most helpful informationLitisha

Be persistent and precise with whatever you do.Alexxus

How do they overcome “tricky” situations? Or unreasonable customers?

Tricky situations can be difficult. However, over the past 30 years, I have learned first and foremost, always listen! Sometimes the patient just wants to be heard. I then try to address every detail with a positive explanatory reply. After all, the patient (customer) is always rightTammy

Always think of solutions or alternatives for the patient. I always try to use empathy with those type of patients because 99% of the time they are frustrated with the situation. Help them achieve a peace of mind.Makeda

What were their learnings?

Communication and frequent updates from the office. Ask questions if unsure how to complete your taskTracey

Speaking to others for assistance and understanding on a topic I may not knowCristian

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